What is Waxing?

About Waxing

Waxing: this is not like shaving; it keeps unwanted body hair away for as long as 6 weeks. By using this method, it will make skin glow with a radiant smooth feel. This gives you the confidence to embrace every moment! Waxing removes hair from the root which means it takes longer to grow back. Skin is hair free for long periods of time and you can go for that holiday or special occasion without worrying about unwanted hair. Waxing is one of the best hair removal methods, because:

1. It gives you confidence, being hair free for long periods of time.
2. It lasts longer than shaving as it destroys the hair from the root.
3. There are no cuts or nicks that can leave skin with scars causing discoloration of the area.
4. Waxing means the hair will grow back slower and finer, which is cost effective.
5. Shaving can result in stubbles, which causes rough and abrasive skin.
6. Waxing makes the skin feel smoother longer without feeling itchy and delays hair re- growth.
7. There is minimal risk for in-growing hair.
8. Waxing is fast and convenient.
9. Skin is less susceptible to irritations associated with shaving.
10. Stubble free skin, leaving it soft and respected.


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